I was born in the 90s, and grew up playing with Microsoft Paint on the family computer. It was that program that sparked in me from a young age a desire to be a graphic designer. After my first formal class in high school I pursued a career in the field.

This creative problem-solving path would lead me to graduate college, acquire awesome opportunities and land some pretty sweet corporate and freelance jobs.

But as is life - it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. I would find myself chasing success, burning out and placing work high above anything else in my life.

After the birth of my first son and a world-wide pandemic my eyes were finally opened to what truly mattered and I released this area of my life to God. My work, talents, and purpose became His fully and I dedicated my profession to serving others well.

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I would be honored to know and partner with you. It's my goal to understand your heart, values and the spark that drives you in your purpose-led business.

Life is an orbit with Jesus as the
central pull to all categories

Rest is more important than hustle.
& Christ is the only one who provides.

You were created by God
with purpose.

I believe:

a few of my
favorite things